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Economy Easy Using Flame polishing Machine
Jewelry acrylic and glass polishing Machine

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Flame Polishing Machine


Flaming machine
1: Polished surface is clean without any residue.
2: Special low voltage and automatic cut-off .

1. "Fuel" is water (distilled) which is easy to obtain and cannot pollute circumstance after burning
2. Polished surface is clean without any residue
3. Special low voltage and automatic cut-off for safety and energy saving

1. Polish surface in the line of acrylic and shoe product
2. Weld the panel or spot of gold, silver, and copper
3Type        Power source      Power(W)  Water consumption   Gas yield      Solvent-oil ratio  Size(cm)       Weight       Item No.

FP-103 A     50-60 Hz220 V    500             30 c.c/h            100 Liter/h          3.5 c.c/h    35*20*28       18 KG      4000453      

FP-101        50-60 Hz220 V    800             40 c.c/h            200 Liter/h          6 c.c/h      44*23*28       29 KG        4000454

FP-202        50-60 Hz220 V    1000            50 c.c/h            300 Liter/h          7 c.c/h      44*23*28       33 KG        4000455

FP-202 A     50-60 Hz220 V    1300            60 c.c/h            350 Liter/h          8 c.c/h      48*28*33       35 KG        4000456.

Heat treatment of the metal detail partially



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