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Acrylic Floor Stand Light Box
1)High quality acrylic front 2)Long life span T4 light 3)Extrusion aluminum alloy frame 4)Double sided or three sided Outdoor stand

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US$ 37.95

Free Standing Light box


High quality acrylic front

Long life span T4 light

Extrusion aluminum alloy frame

Double sided or three sided

Outdoor stand

Stand light box, light box stand, free standing light boxes


Product description:

1. High quality PS light box fronts

PS front: high transparence, require less light front light source, energy saving, anti-acid, durable to use, then save the cost for customer


2.Durable aluminum alloy frame

Extrusion aluminum alloy frame. Powder coated Silver or black color. The frame material is anti-acid and durable to use. Slot design is easy to drain the water and suitable for outdoor use.


3. Base easy to assemble and easy to move

The base are easy to assemble and disassemble. easy to move and suitable for indoor and outdoor use


4.T4 tube light gives even light

Under HID controlled light tube, decrease the light tube flashing; give the even light to light box. More attractive at night.


5. Power plug type can be change as customers’ requirement

Normally we assemble one meter power cable and Chinese plug to the light box, but we can change to whatever length cable and the types of the plug according customers’ requirement.