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2014 Hot Polytype Ethoxyline Advertising slef-adhesive tape Tape wholesale
slef-adhesive tape

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Double sided tape


1.Energy saving
2.Used to stick posters, painting and securing home &office appliance
3.For children to make their DIY art &craft
Features :
1. Material: Environmental EVA/PE/EPDM foam.
2. The products are non toxic, durable, washable, water proof, comfortable and anti-skid.
3. Soft, flexible material can be easily attached to any appliance in home &office
4. With excellent adhesive tape
5. Temperature range from -40°C to 120°C
6. Good shock-proof,heat insulation and sound insulation performance.


1. It is widely used industrial & household usage, including advertisement, shoes, garment, leather, computer embroidery, carpet jointing, sealing, protecting and book-mending etc.
2. Can be used to Automobile interior materials & automobile double sided adhesive tape, electronic , electrical appliances, packaging, construction, furniture, daily use accessories, medical industry, fill crack, adornment, car MARK adhesive etc.
3. Sticking signboard, mirror, map etc., also apply to eliminating sound and reducing vibration.  Packing for electric accessories and protection for glass board, etc.
4. It is suitable for food packaging, stationery, office, hand, clothing, hardware, electronic appliances, vehicles and so on.
1. Strong initial adhesive , double face with glue and excellent softness ;
2.  highly adhesion to hook ;
3. Can choose the suitable tape types according to the different use and applications and as your required;
4. Excellent performance for temperature resistance,humidity resistance,solvent resistance,vibration reducing,anti-crack,water proof,anti-chemicals,anti-aging. 
Double sided tissue tape is one of our main products, we can give you the best quality and price all over the world. we produce tissue and paper liner as customers required. D/S tissue adhesive tape coated on both sides with water based or solvent based adhesive or hotmel adhesive, silicone coated paper liner.


Model Specification Unit Packing Code
PET Carving Thin Double sided Tape 1.5cm×17y roll 130rolls/ctn 3001332
PET Carving Thin Double sided Tape 1.8cm×17y roll 100rolls/ctn 3001333
PET Carving Thin Double sided Tape 2.4cm×17y roll 160rolls/ctn 3001334
High Strong Double Sided Seaming Tape  2.0cm×55y roll 50rolls/ctn 3004121
High Strong Double Sided Seaming Tape  1.5cm×55y roll 50rolls/ctn 3004122
High Strong Double Sided Seaming Tape  5.0cm×55y roll 50rolls/ctn 3004376
Polyester Film Carving Double Sided Tape-Black 1.2cm*11m roll 25rolls/barrel,8barrels/ctn 3007457
Polyester Film Carving Double Sided Tape-Black 1.5cm*11m roll 20rolls/barrel,8barrels/ctn 3007458
Polyester Film Carving Double Sided Tape-Transparent 1.2cm*11m roll 25rolls/barrel,8barrels/ctn 3007475
Polyester Film Carving Double Sided Tape-Transparent 1.5cm*11m roll 20rolls/barrel,8barrels/ctn 3007477
Carpet Double Sided Tape 2.4cm*20m roll 104rolls/ctn 3007470
Carpet Double Sided Tape 3.0cm*20m roll 80rolls/ctn 3007472
High Temperature Resistance Double Sided Tape 1.2cm*15m roll 25rolls/barrel,12barrels/ctn 3007473
High Temperature Resistance Double Sided Tape 1.5cm*15m roll 20rolls/barrel,12barrels/ctn 3007474 


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