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2014 Customized Size Popular Copper Alloy Advertising sign holder Distributor

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Brass advertising standoff sign holder

Product information
Technical Details
Brand name ChungKong
Dimensions Dia 13/19/25mm, Length 18/24/30/55/80mm
Material Brass
Craft Metal plated surface
Tolerance limit ±1mm
Color Golden
Packing 4pcs/bag
Character easy to install, artistic, durable
Application Sign, light box, glass, wood, plastic, decoration
Customization OEM customized service
Payment terms T/T, Western Union
Lead time Based on the qty,
MOQ 100 pcs
Certification ISO9001


Product Description
1. Brass material standoff
2. Practical and durable.
3. Broad-spectrum, hot sale
4. Fast delivery, enough stock


Model Specification Unit Packing Code
Advertising Bolts & Nuts GAA CN1313 13×18mm pc 4pcs/bag,240pcs/ctn 3004634
Advertising Bolts & Nuts GAA CN1313   13×18mm pc 4pcs/bag,240pcs/ctn 3004635
Advertising Bolts & Nuts GAA CN1325 13×30mm pc 4pcs/bag,200pcs/ctn 3004638
Advertising Bolts & Nuts GAA CN1325 13×30mm pc 4pcs/bag,200pcs/ctn 3004639
Advertising Bolts & Nuts GAA CN1913 19×18mm pc 4pcs/bag,120pcs/ctn 3004640
Advertising Bolts & Nuts GAA CN1913 19×18mm pc 4pcs/bag,120pcs/ctn 3004641
Advertising Bolts & Nuts GAA CN1919 19×24mm pc 4pcs/bag,120pcs/ctn 3004642
Advertising Bolts & Nuts GAA CN1950 19×55mm pc 4pcs/bag,80pcs/ctn 3004644
Advertising Bolts & Nuts GAA CN1975 19×80mm pc 4pcs/bag,16pcs/ctn 3004645
Advertising Bolts & Nuts GAA CN2513 25×18mm pc 4pcs/bag,100pcs/ctn 3004646
Advertising Bolts & Nuts GAA CN2513 25×18mm pc 4pcs/bag,100pcs/ctn 3004647
Advertising Bolts & Nuts GAA CN2519 25×24mm pc 4pcs/bag,80pcs/ctn 3004648
Advertising Bolts & Nuts GAA CN2525 25×30mm pc 4pcs/bag,80pcs/ctn 3004649
Advertising Bolts & Nuts GAA CN2550 25×55mm pc 4pcs/bag,60pcs/ctn 3004650
Advertising Bolts & Nuts GAA CN2575 25×80mm pc 4pcs/bag,48pcs/ctn 3004651

The brass hardware, sign standoffs represent an interesting way to displays your signs. How can your signage be more noticeable? These sign standoffs create a 3D panel that protrudes from the wall, creating a more interesting display to get attention. The standoff wall mounts are typically used by a number of different businesses to great effect. Between the solid construction and eye-catching mounts, this brass hardware makes a great addition to your marketing efforts.
These sign standoffs are made out of solid brass to provide premium quality mounts. The brass hardware is long lasting, and the gold finish on the displays shine brightly to help draw attention to your sign. Standoff supports, standoff wall mounts and other sign standoffs have a flat top to the stand off, a classic style that works well with any location. Creating an interesting sign for patron viewing has never been easier than with this great selection of sign standoffs!


How are Sign Standoffs Used at Businesses?
1. Universities & schools can label classrooms for easy recognition by students and visitors
2. Office parks can have a directory listing that shows each business in a stylish manner to greet patrons
3. Exhibition halls can easily denote different areas to help direct patrons
4. Bars & Restaurants can display their company logo in an interesting manner that will surely be eye-catching for customers!
The standoff supports feature a through design for use with many different materials. The most commonly used signage styles are wood, acrylic, glass, plastic, and stone for really eye-catching displays. The signs can be of different thicknesses, with each individual product page showing the specific allowable dimensions. Since the standoff wall mounts are through-mounts, they need a hole drilled through your sign for mounting purposes. Again, the hole width varies, so check the product page to see which will be most appropriate for you.
These stand offs feature a gold finish that provides a wonderful colour that is eye-catching. This colour is a classic, adding an air of elegance to any display and denoting to potential customers your businesses' sense of style. The standoff wall mounts are also polished, allowing them to shine and easily draw attention towards your sign, without being too distracting as to be the main focal point!


Our advantage: One-stop Sign Supplier

Major Overseas Market: North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia

Project Brand: Guiness, Heineken, Carlsberg, Vodafone, China Mobile, MTN, Reliance, Airtel,

Our history: Established in 2001, more than 10 years' export experience, 2 big factories and more than 80 chain stores in China.